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The Alienation Speaking Group came together to make a world of difference. In 2012, Larry Dixon came up with the idea of joining together with Russ Dantu and Kevin Mark to create a speaking group. Each of the three speakers had been giving performances individually to many different audiences and organizations. Much of their skills and development in pursuing their passion as professional speakers came with their involvement in Toastmasters International. These three men met and became friends in this communication and leadership program.

In giving many performances, Larry saw an opportunity to engage more people in his audiences by including more diverse stories. That’s when he approached Russ and Kevin to join him in creating a speaking group to address audiences along similar themes but from different backgrounds.

Based on the feedback from thousands of audience members, the Alienation Speaking Group has definitely struck a chord with their audiences, every time they perform. Alienation has put in hundreds of hours in developing their high impact program, practicing it and fine-tuning it to build a cohesive message to reach each member of the audience. Audiences leave performances with a lasting impression by feeling a connection to at least one of the speakers.

Why the name Alienation?

The name for the Alienation Speaking Group was chosen on the deck in Kevin’s backyard in the summer of 2012. The three founding members were discussing their interest to help people who feel like misfits, feeling different, wanting to overcome challenges or just wanting to create their best life. Larry, Russ and Kevin wanted an unusual name that could define our group like a rock band. That’s when we landed on the name Alienation.

Alienation represents the people who don’t fit in, feel different and feel outcast. Many times people feel lost, helpless, alone and alienated. We are here to help by sharing our stories at our darkest times and how we overcome our difficulties to achieve success and our dreams.

When you break down Alienation, Alien signifies each individual and how every person is different yet very special. Nation brings us together as one. We start by loving ourselves and then encouraging the best in each other. We respect each other, embrace each other, help each other and love each other. Join the nation of aliens and become Alienation. We are Alienation.