Do you ever feel alone? Feel like you don’t fit in? Feel Alienated?

Today, more than ever, many of our youth feel this way. Alcohol, drugs, suicide, bullying, racism, self image, and relationships are just some of the issues they face. The need to feel normal and to fit in can often lead to a feeling of rejection.

Alienation delivers powerful messages to our youth, our leaders of tomorrow! Three unique men from diverse backgrounds, come together to share their stories. Each man felt alienated and alone early in their lives. They share their pain, twist the knife and show how they overcame those challenges….without preaching or talking down to our audiences.

Our Mission is to make a World of Difference to your audience by touching their minds and hearts so they can unleash their energy and make a positive contribution to society with their unique talents.

Kevin Mark, Larry Dixon and Russ Dantu have lived through some tough situations. While their paths and messages are very different, they are united in their belief that by sharing their stories, our youth will realize their potential, their dreams and discover who they are.

What makes us different than other presenters? Three speakers on the platform at the same time, interweaving our stories, and packing a powerful punch that will stay with your students long after we are finished! The attention span of any audience is brief….even more so with youth. By having three speakers who deal with many issues youth deal with today and constantly interacting with each other and the audience, a powerful connection happens and messages are remembered! We embrace students to break down barriers and to create breakthroughs towards believing that being different is ok. Your students will leave with a fresh attitude about “Making a Difference.” We will give them the tools to stay true to themselves and to reach out and support each other. Our keynote WILL make a World of Difference to you and your students!

Our 60 – 90 minute keynote presentation is perfect for junior or senior high schools or youth groups. If you are looking for something completely different and want to make a World of Difference, we are here to help!